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Rae, Asia’s pioneering hyper-realistic virtual personality and influencer, seamlessly blends digital artistry with AI technology to advocate for a unified world. Since her debut in October 2020, Rae’s vibrant social media presence spans street culture, fashion, art, and technology. As the first virtual influencer in Southeast Asia to launch NFT collections, she champions causes like girls’ education in STEM. Rae collaborates globally while proudly representing Singapore.

COCO PR remains at the forefront to understand technological advancements, consistently evolving our PR strategies to stay ahead of the curve. We provided comprehensive support for Team Rae, crafting essential press kit documents including Rae’s Biography and Boilerplate for media distribution. COCO PR curated a master media list encompassing targeted outlets across broadcast, dailies, lifestyle, and online publications. We diligently compiled monthly reports detailing all activities and outcomes.