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Boasting a wide range of clientele, we present to you our clients’ testimonials. Every client has been extremely dear to us and we continue to maintain strong relationships with them till this very day.

From the clients who have walked with us on this PR Journey

Mr Roberto Grilli
General Manager, DZ Engineering SRL

“I have had the opportunity to work with COCO PR Agency back in 2018 to promote our company for a major event in Singapore. Initially, I wanted to pursue working with another PR agency since it was a much bigger agency. I had the impression that they might had a better media network.

However, I decided to work with COCO PR instead. Thanks to Shanthi – She demonstrated her passion and professionalism in her work. My bet was right. We had an incredible exposure with media, much better than what we expect from any PR agency. Shanthi and her team worked very closely with us and generated coverage for us via various media platforms such as broadcast channels, radio, newspapers, magazines and digital coverage. Certainly, a great journey with COCO. I will recommend them to all our partners and, of course, they have become our PR Agency for any future projects.”

Mr Andrew Chan
Founder & CEO of ACI HR Solutions

“I went to Shanthi and her team at COCO PR in 2017 with what was meant to be a short term tactical communication campaign. I had intended to change our PR strategy from being a strong B2B focus to one that was more holistic, and to increase our B2C presence. Shanthi understood our requirements and achieved this objective almost immediately with key media in television, radio, print and digital picking up on our various press releases. COCO PR is now an important part of our marketing strategy and we appreciate the long term partnership that has since evolved.”

Marco Rosa
Pandaw Vice President Sales & Marketing

“A good PR professional can make an enormous difference to both individuals and businesses. Shanthi is not only highly qualified but very experienced, modern and skilful in her delivery of PR solutions that met our brief and delivered results. She is a master of her profession, not to mention a delightful person to work with. I would recommend Shanthi and the team at COCO PR. They invested time and attention to really understand who we were and what we wanted and went the extra mile to get the results.”

Zeca Carvalho
SW Interactive

“We met COCO PR through Shanthi on March of this year. SW Interactive was looking for a well-capable PR firm to help spread the word and launch our brand on the SG Yacht Show. We were not disappointed. COCO PR, especially Shanthi, went far and beyond of any job scope to help us with this endeavor. Despite having a limited timeline, they designed an outstanding PR strategy for SW Interactive and executed it effectively. In the end, we received amazing interested from media outlets that speak right to our target public. We are extremely satisfied with their work, and even more with their professionalism, responsiveness and network reach. COCO PR showed us the real value of PR when the work is done properly. We’d be glad to referral them on any chance that we get.”

Merlyn Wikarsa
Marketing Manager at Lumas Singapore

“COCO PR did a great job helping us during our event campaign for one of our artist solo exhibition here. Shanthi was proactive, communicative and always friendly. She understands quickly what the clients want. I recommend COCO PR services for your company.”

Shanya Amarasuriya
Creative Director at B.P. De Silva Jewellers

“Working with Shanthi and the team at COCO PR has been a purposeful journey. Both COCO PR and COCO Creative have provided us valuable insight and support, that we not only cherish professionally, but in the spirit of shared vision, also has allowed our team members to find friendship and connection with both Shanthi and Vanessa. They understand the needs of both client and editor, and we deeply appreciate their sincerity, creativity, honesty, and professionalism.”