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Travel & Hospitality PR

Public Relations and Travel and Hospitality

How can public relations shape what travellers think when it comes to travel and hospitality in Singapore? 

The average traveller has become much more independent in this modern age. 

The advent of travel websites and digital booking apps have given us the freedom of choice, providing us information about various attractions or hotels, as well as the ability to book tickets or rooms within minutes. 

Many of us now prefer to plan our own itinerary and book our own accomodation, instead of relying on agents for tours with pre-planned activities and fixed lodgings.

This makes PR an even more important tool in the travel and hospitality industry in Singapore.  

In the past, public relations for the Singaporean tourism industry focused mainly on communication with agencies and organisations in charge of planning trips or recommending attractions or hotels. For example, travel agencies or guide book publishers- associations who had the power to influence tourists on where to visit or stay. 

With the traveller’s newfound independence, the travel and hospitality industry now has a much larger audience to impress. Public relations can be wielded to communicate with your audience to build your brand’s reputation, enticing potential guests to pay a visit to your location or venue directly. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

Traveling has always been a rite of passage for us. As globetrotters with a penchant for travel and hospitality, and over a decade’s worth of collective experiences in its PR function, our innate sense of wanderlust is always ready for another spin.

We take on the challenge of your public relations needs by viewing your brand from two perspectives. 

Firstly, as PR professionals, and secondly, as people who love to travel. We combine our experiences from both perspectives in order to create strategies that make sense for your brand and attract the attention of jet-setters around the world. 

Our agency offers both classic public relations strategies, such as organising media trips for media organisations to experience what an establishment has to offer, to more creative media engagement solutions- such as organising press lunches to give the media an opportunity to have round table discussions with core figures of a company. 

We have been enlisted to provide public relations services for well-renowned clients from Singapore and across the region.  In overseeing communications campaigns for companies such as Premier Village Danang Resorts, Pandaw Cruise, and Next Story Group, we understand what it means to create a unique, authentic brand message and leverage our strong connections with regional media to be able to do so. 

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