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Crisis Management

Public Relations and Crisis Management

In a PR crisis, how can a public relations agency use communication management strategies to assist a brand in controlling the situation? 

No one wants to suffer a PR crisis – these are events that pose substantial reputation damage and other risks to brands operating in every sector, as well as individuals living and working in the public eye.

A PR crisis can strike instantly and if left unattended, can inflict lasting damage or continue to spread unless it is swiftly and carefully extinguished. In the wake of crises, maintaining authentic communications that align with your company values, vision, mission, and social mandate is crucial.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for companies to communicate with their stakeholders regularly and transparently. As well as dealing with the situation from an operational standpoint, it’s important that communications around delicate and potentially damaging situations are handled correctly.

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

Issues have the potential to evolve into crises, which can significantly impact an organization’s reputation and success.

Our approach to issues management is anticipatory and strategic, identifying potential issues in advance and developing processes to help your company detect and respond to issues as they evolve.

In addition to considering communications strategies, our anticipatory issues management approach will consider means of building, maintaining, and repairing relationships with stakeholders and affected parties, as appropriate.

Our team of communications professionals will craft messaging, a communications strategy, and crisis communications plan, that considers all stakeholders. We will also provide tailored sessions including media training and anticipatory issues management sessions

If you’re looking for an experienced agency specialising in crisis management PR to provide immediate assistance in crafting a media response, or to manage an ongoing proactive strategy, contact the team at COCO PR on our contact page, or by emailing us at