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While we are based here in Singapore, we handle all enquiries and campaigns from larger Southeast Asia and all across the globe. Having led over multiple national and international campaigns, COCO PR Agency constantly brings forth top-notch brands and their compelling narratives to the forefront of global conversation.

Allow us to be the masters of your storytelling

At COCO PR Agency, we are constantly inspired by our penchant for riveting stories and love to immerse ourselves in marrying innovative narratives with incredible, innovative brands. As a Singapore-based and integrated PR agency, we are at the heart of the action in Singapore and Southeast Asia, with experience both at home and abroad.

Leveraging on our impressive and extensive media relations both locally and internationally, along with our robust media pitching, we amplify your business’ voice and put you front and center of your target audience. We understand what gets people talking, so allow us to be the masters of your storytelling.

Integrated and flexible approach to Public Relations

Adaptability is key to every brand’s success and survival in today’s day and age. Having worked with multiple industries, we are no stranger to deep-diving into the unknown and emerging champions in the PR industry.

Singapore is a nation with various thriving industries that can benefit from working with a skilled public relations agency like us. We pride ourselves on having worked for a variety of clients, hailing from industries such as luxury travel and hospitality, luxury fashion, medical and health, engineering, entertainment, hospitality, and F&B from both B2B and B2C models. We continually welcome the challenge of setting foot in new industries and building everlasting partnerships with clients from many industries. Challenge us and see what we produce for you.


Not based in Singapore? Not a problem. We have connections with award-winning and highly regarded journalists and freelancers all over Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific. Regardless if you are located in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Australia, our strong network will get you the quality coverage and publicity that your brand deserves.

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At COCO PR Agency, we are always excited to meet new people and brands and establish long-lasting partnerships in Singapore and beyond. Our COCO family today is made up of multiple clients locally and internationally and each and everyone remains extremely dear and close to us. We are all geared up to take your stories to the global stage, are you ready to take yours? Drop us an inquiry here today. 

A Snapshot of Who We Are

We are a lean and integrated communications agency delivering bright and effective communication solutions from an analytical 360-degree approach for both established and emerging companies. We facilitate brands in fulfilling their core objectives of raising corporate reputation and elevating brand positioning effectively to reach their desired audiences.

Besides offering a suite of premium PR services, we incorporate new media communication strategies, influencer, and creative event management, photography, and videography services alongside our sister brand COCO Creative Studio. We are highly experienced in crisis communications and provide extensive strategies and counsel for brands handling a crisis if and when the time comes.


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Excited by what you see?

Get in touch with us to learn more about the endless publicity possibilities we offer. Alternatively, follow us on Instagram @coco.prsg and here on Facebook. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. What services can I expect from a PR agency in Singapore? Expand
At COCO PR Agency in Singapore, we offer a comprehensive suite of premium PR services tailored to elevate your brand's presence. Our integrated approach includes media relations, robust media pitching, new media communication strategies, influencer and creative event management, photography, videography, and crisis communications. With a focus on a 360-degree analytical approach, we ensure effective communication solutions for both established and emerging companies in various industries.
2. Is it beneficial for businesses to hire a PR agency in Asia for international campaigns? Expand
Absolutely. COCO PR Agency's reach extends beyond Singapore to the Asia-Pacific region, including Southeast Asia and Australia. Our strong network of award-winning journalists and freelancers ensures that businesses, whether located in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Australia, receive quality coverage and publicity. Leveraging our international connections, we excel in managing and executing successful international campaigns that resonate globally.
3. Can a PR agency in Singapore provide services tailored to different industries? Expand
Certainly. COCO PR Agency takes pride in its versatility and adaptability. We have extensive experience working across various industries such as luxury travel and hospitality, fashion, medical and health, engineering, entertainment, hospitality, and F&B. Our team excels at deep-diving into different sectors, providing tailored communication strategies that suit the unique needs of each industry. Challenge us, and let us produce outstanding results for your brand.
4. How important is it for businesses in Singapore to invest in PR services? Expand
Investing in PR services is crucial for businesses in Singapore to enhance brand visibility, manage corporate reputation, and elevate brand positioning effectively. COCO PR Agency understands the dynamic market landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia, making us the ideal partner for businesses looking to stand out. Our integrated and flexible approach ensures that your brand's voice is amplified, reaching the right audience and driving success.
5. How can a public relations company in Singapore help improve my brand image? Expand
COCO PR Agency, as a boutique PR firm, is dedicated to crafting effective communication solutions that improve brand visibility and exposure. Our highly experienced and passionate team works closely with clients from various industries, including luxury travel and hospitality, fashion, technology, and more. Through personalized strategies, meticulous message crafting, and our extensive network of journalists, we ensure that your brand image is enhanced, positively positioning your business in the eyes of your target audience. Allow us to be the masters of your storytelling and watch your brand thrive in the competitive market.