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Food and Beverage (F&B) PR

Public Relations and F&B 

You may wonder what use the food and beverage industry in Singapore has for public relations services. 

Dubbed as a ‘food paradise’, Singapore constantly celebrates its diverse food culture and is home to a number of outstanding restaurants and bars. However, the number of F&B establishments in the nation is steadily growing each year. 

With the sheer number of competitors in the market, an F&B establishment needs a strong narrative to make a mark on Singaporean consumers. Food, after all, is more than just dishes put together on a menu. Food is a combination of history, culture, family, values, and even political issues- all blended together in a cuisine.

Chefs and business owners should utilise the industry’s inherent storytelling potential to build a powerful story behind their brand. Using public relations to communicate the main concepts of a food and beverage establishment can help to create a strong impression on customers and investors.

Whether it is a focus on sustainability and zero waste, or a dedication to preserving a culture’s cooking traditions, public relations can help a brand cultivate a consistent, clear message of the establishment’s philosophies. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency? 

COCO PR has driven a number of integrated communications launch campaigns to help establishments such as Burger Frites and CE LA VI.

With our experience in working with prominent members of the Singapore food and beverage industry for their public relations needs, we are confident in our abilities to provide the best communication services for your brand. 

Our team understands that food is not just a business to you, but a compilation of past experiences, present values, and a focus on authenticity.

We will distill your brand’s core values and philosophies to weave a compelling narrative that is both attractive and relatable to your target audience, and leverage our experience in influencer management and our media connections to ensure that your message gets heard.

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