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Agriculture PR

Public Relations and Agriculture

Think of Singapore, and you probably wouldn’t think of agriculture- however, the small but thriving industry can still utilise the benefits of public relations for increased growth. 

The world today is an increasingly volatile place. 

With issues like climate change, population growth, and a changing landscape in global politics, Singapore can no longer rely wholly on importing food from other countries. Thus, the government has launched the 30 by 30 initiative, where the goal is to produce at least 30% of the country’s nutritional needs in local farms by 2030. 

With government backing, the agriculture industry in Singapore has received a boost in funds and publicity, thrusting the relatively overlooked industry into the spotlight. Now, small-scale farms and local organisations in Singapore can make use of public relations to increase the growing interest in locally grown produce, fish, eggs, and other agriculture products. 

The small size of the nation restricts the amount of land that can be utilised for farming, and local suppliers need to be creative with how they maximise output. PR is not only able to promote local brands, but also bring attention to the new technologies or methods that these agriculture experts are using to help feed Singapore. 

By using both promotional and educational strategies, a PR agency is able to connect the public to these local Singaporean food producers in a meaningful and productive way. With the Singapore government’s goal of increasing local food production, it will not be surprising that an increasing number of public relations agencies will have their services engaged by the agriculture industry. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

We at COCO PR pride ourselves in being able to cultivate anything long-term when we put our green (and nimble) fingers down to earth. Having developed communications campaigns for firms like Agrivo and Singapore Crawfish, public relations & communications with us will ensure every agriculture firm will build deep and strong roots in the minds of targeted consumers. From delivering communication strategies to stand-alone campaigns and extensive media relations, we have got you covered.

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