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Automotive and Mobility PR

Public Relations and the Automotive and Mobility Industry

What does public relations have to offer the fast paced world of automotive and mobility in Singapore?

The automotive and mobility industry moves fast in more ways than one.

There is always new technology being tested and approved for use within the realm of transportation. Electric cars, zero-emission hydrogen-powered boats, and maglev (magnetic levitation) trains are all part of the range of new products that have emerged from the evolution of the mobility industry. To keep consumers informed of the latest happenings in the brand or the newest advancements in technology, a brand has to react quickly to identify its target audience and how to reach them. 

Technical jargon used within the industry should also be simplified into layman’s terms or explained clearly in order to allow targeted groups of all levels of expertise to understand.

Public relations teams or agencies can help brands in the automotive or mobility industry to pinpoint who they wish to communicate with, and deliver dynamic and engaging content to them through specific channels. 

To keep up with the breakneck pace of the industry, PR strategies have to be clean and precise, and specifically tailored to the client wherever they are on the supply chain. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

Our team at COCO PR Agency is adaptable and responsive to keep up with the quickly changing landscape within the automotive and mobility industry in Singapore. 

Our contacts in traditional media, as well as newer platforms like blogs and social media, help cast a wide yet well-aimed net to release your content to your audience. 

With in-depth knowledge and experience working with multiple clients in the industry, such as Ferrari, Energy Observer, and Pirelli, we can help deliver well-crafted communication strategies for your brand. 

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at, or through our contact page for further information on our public relations services in Singapore’s automotive and mobility industry.

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