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Sustainability PR

Public Relations and Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot buzzword these days, but how can public relations convince audiences in Singapore that an organisation is genuine about its commitment to the issue? 

With the ongoing climate change crisis, our steadily filling landfill, and increasing levels of pollution in our air, land, and sea, it is great to see an increase in the creation of sustainable concepts, or of corporations working towards becoming more sustainable.

However, the public is not always convinced of the intentions behind the actions of these companies. This is due to instances of ‘greenwashing’, where a corporation may publicly announce measures to improve their brand’s environmental friendliness, only to practice unsustainable acts behind the scenes or elsewhere. 

In order to ensure that your brand is on the right track to cultivating a consistent and authentic image of sustainability for the Singaporean public, it is important to engage experienced public relations professionals. 

With the easy accessibility of information on the Internet, the average person in a brand’s audience now has more resources to fact-check or educate themselves on environmental issues. Poorly formulated content or an overly-righteous tone are often called out by online audiences, causing a sustainability campaign to backfire. 

PR agencies can assist the brand in crafting a coherent message that is genuine and well-informed, and relatable to the local environmental issues faced by the public in Singapore or the greater Asia region. This lends credibility and professionalism to your campaign and casts your brand in a good light. 

Why COCO PR Agency?

Having more than a decade’s worth of work in Singapore and Asia, members of our public relations agency have the experience and skills to weave a consistent and honest narrative that connects with the local audience. 

Allow us to use our expertise to formulate strategies that will work to show the genuine care that your brand has for the environment and the world around us. 

With our work done for IKEA’s Young Designer Award, Biomax, and the Energy Observer (a zero-emission vessel), we have the know-how to help your brand champion the vital role that sustainability plays in the modern world. 

Feel free to contact us at, or through our contact page for further information on our public relations services. 

Sustainability PR Case Studies