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Fashion PR

Public Relations and Fashion

Fashion gets people talking- so how can public relations help brands set the Singaporean fashion industry abuzz?

In an industry where the newest trend can turn into an old fad in a matter of months, PR can help a fashion brand stay relevant. Proper communication strategies can help build a strong brand image that stays with consumers, retailers, and other professionals in the industry.

Through platforms such as fashion magazines, celebrities, influencers, cross collaborations, and fashion events, public relations agencies in Singapore and throughout the world create plans to bring a brand into the public eye in a controlled and complimentary manner. 

Additionally, the fashion industry is a major influence on the global consciousness, and when there is unintentional controversy due to a brand’s design or actions, these events are put in the spotlight.

 To combat the negative image of the brand that may spread due to such controversies, a PR agency can come up with a good crisis management strategy quickly to control the narrative.

Why Choose COCO PR?

 The world of fashion public relations in Singapore and the region is both fast-paced and exhilarating for us. We understand what grabs attention, and we are always ready to grab our heels for the run. 

COCO PR’s powerful campaigns in the fashion industry are always underpinned by strong industry insight, compelling narratives, and employing our robust and noteworthy network of influencers.

For premier brands Lisa Von Tang, Ashepa, Edit Suits, Sacco, Lontessa, and Love & Co., we have helped them establish their presence regionally and achieve top-of-mind recall. Through creative solutions utilising targeted press blasts, active pitching for photoshoots, fashion media events and press launches, stylist features, as well as exclusive interviews with key spokespeople, and drumming up excitement for boutique openings, we help our clients connect with their audience. 

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at, or through our contact page for further information on our public relations services in the fashion industry. 

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