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Entertainment & Events PR

Public Relations and Entertainment and Events 

With events opening back up in Singapore, what can public relations do to create conversation about upcoming programs?

The point of entertainment and events is all about being seen and heard.

Not just in terms of stage presence and sound system, but also when it comes to creating a buzz even before the event begins. 

An event’s journey to success should not only focus on preparing for the event itself. Drumming up interest and excitement for the event plays an equally important role for the client. 

Our event includes intimate to organsing small to large-scale events, fashion, corporate, openings, and product launches. A successful event is one that meets goals and exceeds expectations. Through the events, we can also help garner media coverage and provide channels of communication to connect with audiences who may be interested in the product/brand. 

Well-developed campaigns are able to identify and communicate with target audiences, sharing pertinent information about the event and capturing their attention. 

Additionally, while organisers may be busy during the event itself, the PR team can continue to fan the hype around the event by creating creative content about the program that is ongoing or has just ended. This plants seeds of additional interest in similar events that may be hosted by the organisation in the future. 

With a trusted and good PR company, pre-event, event, and post-event coverage of your program will all be part of the strategy for a successful communication campaign.

Why Choose COCO PR? 

As a PR agency composed of talented individuals or event partners who love to have a good time, we know what it takes to create and promote a great event or entertainment program in Singapore. 

Successful entertainment events that spread joy, laughter and fun, and meet the client’s goal and expectations are always ones people talk about long after. And in our case, we have been able to prove that, time and again. With unmatched international coverage and extensive credentials under our belt, we have designed and executed highly impactful phygital campaigns for well established clients such as Energy Observer, Pandaw, British Theatre Playhouse, and Christmas Wonderland.

Additionally, with our penchant for things unexpected and out-of-the-box, we love a good cross-collaboration event between brands, especially between distinct industries. Cross collaboration is a great tool for brands to raise interest in their product or service. By utilising their partner’s pre-established following as an audience to pitch their brand to, companies can benefit from each other while offering a unique event or product to the public. 

We are also able to provide high-quality photography or videography services for your event through our sister company COCO Creative Studio, and you can check out their event work on their website. 

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at, or through our contact page for further information on our public relations services for your upcoming entertainment events. 







Frequently asked questions

1. What services does an event agency in Singapore offer? Expand
An event agency in Singapore, like COCO PR, offers a wide range of services to ensure the success of your event. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, we specialize in organizing diverse programs, including fashion shows, corporate events, openings, and product launches. Our comprehensive services cover event planning, coordination, media coverage, and post-event promotion, providing a holistic approach to meet your goals and exceed expectations.
2. Can an event agency in Singapore help with both corporate and private events? Expand
Absolutely. COCO PR is equipped to handle a spectrum of events, including both corporate and private gatherings. Whether you're planning a corporate launch, a fashion show, or a private celebration, our experienced team is adept at tailoring our services to suit the specific needs and objectives of your event, ensuring a memorable and successful experience.
3. Are event agencies in Singapore experienced in handling large-scale events? Expand
Yes, reputable event agencies in Singapore, including COCO PR Agency, are experienced in handling events of varying scales. Our portfolio includes successful execution of large-scale events, such as those for Energy Observer, Pandaw, British Theatre Playhouse, and Christmas Wonderland. Our expertise allows us to manage logistics, engage target audiences, and create a memorable experience for attendees at any scale.
4. How can an event agency in Singapore help in planning and organizing successful events? Expand
An event agency plays a pivotal role in the success of your program. COCO PR's well-developed campaigns identify and communicate with target audiences, creating buzz and capturing attention even before the event begins. From pre-event planning to ongoing and post-event coverage, our team ensures a comprehensive strategy for a successful communication campaign, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.
5. How do event agencies in Singapore stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in event management? Expand
At COCO PR Agency, we stay ahead of industry trends and technologies through continuous learning and collaboration. Our team is composed of talented individuals who are passionate about events and are always seeking innovative solutions. We actively participate in industry events, collaborate with partners, and leverage our international exposure to stay updated with the latest trends, ensuring we bring fresh and cutting-edge ideas to your events.
6. How can an event agency in Singapore help businesses achieve their marketing objectives through events? Expand
Events are powerful tools for achieving marketing objectives, and COCO PR understands this well. Through well-crafted campaigns, targeted communication, and creative content creation, we help businesses maximize the impact of their events. Our cross-collaboration expertise allows brands to raise interest by leveraging each other's audiences, providing a unique and memorable experience for the public. Additionally, our ability to offer high-quality photography and videography services through COCO Creative Studio ensures that your event is captured and shared in the best light, further enhancing its marketing reach. Feel free to contact us at for further information on how we can help you achieve your marketing objectives through impactful events.