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Design & Architecture PR

Public Relations and Design and Architecture

In the creative fields of design and architecture, how can PR translate a brand’s vision into a concise message to the public in Singapore? 

To the layman, the details of a design or architectural project may seem incomprehensible or dry.

The vision or concept behind a brand or its works may not be easily understood by the general public.

This is where public relations come in. 

A good public relations agency can help design or architecture firms to simplify industry jargon and translate the company’s creative concepts to ensure audiences in Singapore and the region gain a better understanding of the brand. 

Public relations companies can also utilise their experience to identify key platforms from which a company will have the most success in broadcasting its messages. This includes trade magazines, newspapers, industry events, websites, and other platforms on the ever-changing digital media landscape.

With the right communications strategies, public relations can assist brands in the industry to reach more of their ideal audience with clear and coherent content on the company and its recent developments. 

Why Choose COCO PR? 

COCO PR has been at the helm of PR & Communication Strategies for a slew of reputable international design and architecture firms such as IKEA for BusinessKulor Group, and Common Thread.

Championing solid narratives and stories about design and architecture firms’ work is key to ensuring that these firms are able to continue to shape exemplary experiences all over the globe through their craft. 

From ensuring that these narratives land themselves in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 media to securing top-notch thought leadership opportunities, COCO PR is ready to journey with you to take every publicity possibility and excel in it.

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