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Medical & Beauty Aesthetics PR

Public Relations and the Medical and Aesthetic Field

In a modern city like Singapore, establishments like hospitals and clinics in the medical and aesthetic fields are thriving- so how can public relations assist this growing industry?

As Singapore’s economy expands, the median income of its citizens grows too. With increased spending power, Singaporeans have begun to focus more on their health and appearance.

The nation’s healthcare industry is projected to grow to $49.4 billion by 2029. Additionally, a survey by Statista in 2019 found that 9% of Singaporean respondents have undergone surgery for aesthetic reasons, and another 50% are considering such procedures. 

With the growing interest in aesthetic treatments, public relations can help establishments to highlight signature or winning treatments to the interested public. 

PR communications can also help patients navigate the complex medical information that comes with any aesthetic surgery or treatment, to explain and then assist them in choosing the procedure that will have them looking their best. 

On the medical side, public relations is a key tool in educating the public on healthcare issues.

PR campaigns can be used to raise awareness on prevalent medical issues such as stroke, cancer, heart attacks, or dengue fever, that are currently affecting the population. 

The public can then be educated on the causes of diseases and how to prevent them, and how to read the signs of an upcoming medical emergency caused by said diseases. 

Asa result, public relations is vital to the medical and aesthetic sector, not only to raise brand awareness and improve client engagement, but also as an educational tool that can ultimately save lives. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency? 

Medical and Aesthetic public relations, to us, is all about taking complex information and making it both understandable and interesting to the average person, while maintaining legitimacy and credibility in the field. 

COCO PR Agency has worked with a sizable number of clients in this area, from private medical practice Dr. Kevin Chua Medical and Aesthetics, Privé Clinic, to Singapore General Hospital for a nationwide Stroke Awareness Campaign. 

In addition to marrying strong and reliable narratives with our strong relationships with top-tier media outlets, we have executed various media plans including spokesperson interviews, press blasts, and media luncheons to maximise communications mileage for our clients.

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