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Telecoms, Lighting Solutions & Technology PR

Public Relations in Telecommunications, Lighting Solutions & Technology

In a highly technical industry like telecommunications and lighting solutions, how can public relations help a company communicate with its audience? 

Telecommunications, lighting solutions, and technology. This is not an industry that gets much attention from the general public. But for the businesses that require the services of the industry, telecommunications and lighting services play a vital role in their operations.

The success of an event hinges on a suite of first-rate telecommunications and lighting specialists who work their charm on ensuring that the event runs smoothly and flawlessly. 

Companies who organise events and large-scale programs know the value of a professional company providing quality telecommunications and lighting services.

As such, organisations in the telecommunications, lighting solutions, and technology sectors in Singapore should focus on using public relations to improve their B2B communications. 

Through highly-targeted PR strategies, such as client testimonials, creating thought leadership content, and utilising trade publications to reach clients, telecommunications and lighting companies can build visibility for their brand. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

We work hard to pinpoint the best strategies for you to communicate with your targeted audience, and utilise our extensive network of contacts in the media and beyond to build coverage for your company.

Our team understands that even the smallest details can make an impact in your communication with potential clients, and will strive to assist you in every way possible. 

In our latest work with the telecommunications and lighting industry, COCO PR was appointed to manage publicity and awareness for an art exhibition by client DZ Engineering, a member of Dino Zoli Group.

Our public relations services helped them establish their presence in Singapore and unveiled to relevant media the lighting specialists responsible for illuminating the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix Race since 2008.

Allow us to work our charm with the media, as you work yours.

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Feel free to contact us at, or through our contact page for further information on our public relations services in Singapore’s Telecoms, Lighting Solutions & Technology. 

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