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Beauty and Cosmetics PR

Public Relations and Beauty and Cosmetics

The beauty and cosmetics industry is one of the largest industries in Singapore and the rest of the world- it is also an industry that relies heavily on public relations.

Chanel, Charlotte Tilsbury, Innisfree, Shiseido, Biore, Laneige, Urban Decay, Skin Inc- this is just a small sampling of beauty brands specialising in skincare and cosmetics available in Singapore. They range from brands from Korea, Japan, USA, France, and even local brands that have achieved global recognition. 

What all these beauty and cosmetics brands have in common is their reliance on public relations to reach consumers and communicate with them about their organisation. 

With many social and environmental issues surrounding the beauty industry these days, brands use public relations for more than promoting their skincare or make-up products. They also use PR to raise awareness about topics that the brand is invested in, like sustainability or the inclusive beauty movement.

Using a proper PR strategy, a skincare and cosmetics brand is able to effectively connect with consumers who also share the brand’s values and appreciate its products. It would not go too far to say that for any beauty company that wishes to make a mark in the Singapore market, public relations is a necessity.

Why Choose COCO PR Agency?

At our agency, we rely on our impressive network of influencers and media professionals to increase the visibility of your brand. Using strategies like product launch events, press blasts, and spokesperson or influencer features, we maximise coverage on both traditional and new media platforms. 

Our skills in storytelling and effective communication also allow us to tell your brand’s story, focusing on issues that both you and your consumers care about, in an authentic and genuine manner. 

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