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Influencer Management

Influencer Management Services Singapore

Does influencer marketing work in the Singapore market? 

The answer is, if it is utilised properly within a PR campaign, influencer marketing does indeed bring in visible results.

You can think of influencer marketing as the traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ technique of publicity- except it’s on steroids. 

The developments of technology in social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, blogs, and many others have completely changed the way we interact with one another. Communication is no longer confined by geographic locations or time zones. With these new methods of connecting to one another, reaching out to an audience is longer limited by where publications are circulated, or when video or radio programs will be broadcasted. Our audiences can watch our videos, listen to our podcasts, or read our articles wherever they are in the world, whenever they want to. 

Influencers utilise the convenience of creating and publishing content that can be accessed anytime to build their following.  These content creators can be local or global celebrities with a larger following, or nano or micro-influencers with a smaller and more niche following, but partnering with any of them can be beneficial in raising brand or product awareness. 

Instead of traditional advertising, where a public figure endorses a product or brand in a highly curated advert, influencer marketing takes a more organic approach that builds relatability and rapport. Almost like a friend’s recommendation, an influencer can gently sway their audience to view a brand in a positive light, by praising the brand in their content. 

PR agencies can incorporate influencers in their marketing strategies in order to utilise the influence they have over specific segments of the market that a brand may wish to target. 

Beauty Youtubers, food bloggers, and Twitch gaming streamers are just some of the major groups of influencers online in Singapore. 

Why Choose COCO PR Agency? 

At COCO PR Agency, we have connections to a network of influencers in Singapore and beyond that we can enlist to support your brand’s public relations campaign. 

We create and tailor influencer marketing campaigns according to your business and industry, and strategize how to get the best out of your brand’s exposure on the influencer’s channel. Influencer marketing is an effective tool to boost brand visibility, and our team can wield it to drive up the demand for your brand’s goods and services. 

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