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COCO PR Agency was excited to lead an impactful campaign for Vinomofo’s irresistible online delivery services and alluring new collections, in the vibrant market of Singapore. We carried out a captivating media extravaganza, facilitating a symphony of interviews and coverage that graced the pages of esteemed publications like Inside Recent, Lifestyle Collective, SALT Magazine, Spirited Singapore, The Peak, and The Straits Times.

Leveraging our extensive network and diverse contacts, along with the powerful influence of micro-influencers, we sparked a whirlwind of social media buzz, infusing the digital sphere with the distinct ethos and charm of Vinomofo. In doing so, we cemented their standing as the quintessential online wine destination in the expansive Asia-Pacific landscape.

Drawing upon our wealth of experience and expertise in public relations and influencer marketing within the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, our impact extended far beyond the shores of Singapore, resonating even in the lands down under. Our comprehensive approach ensured that Vinomofo’s message reverberated across borders, captivating audiences and establishing enduring brand recognition.