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As we move into the new fiscal year, let’s take a step back to look at some of the latest PR trends we’ve noticed as we look back at the industry’s performance for 2019. We’d hold a crystal ball as we say this for effect but this will do – here are some of the PR trends we think worth turning heads this year:

Simplicity is Complexity

The explosion of media platforms and channels has resulted in a drastic shift in consumer behaviour. On average, millennials bounce between three screens at any given point in time and according to a study conducted by Microsoft, the attention span of the average human today is 12 seconds – that’s only 7 seconds longer than the average goldfish, jeez.

There is an instinctive desire for quick, bite-sized information that threatens the notion of in-depth storytelling defining PR. Right from the get-go, a poorly conceived pitch title will not get a second glance, much less a click – no matter how well furnished your attached press release might be.

So yes, you only have that first few seconds to catch the eyes of the media and make it count. Amidst the increased privacy regulations, uprising statistics of fake influencers a whole sea of brand noise, being as simple, concise and targeted like a good meme is everything.

Authentic Content is All That Matters

“What is a non-invasive slimming treatment?”


A listicle of the best slimming treatments and locations appears on the page with unadulterated reviews and comments you hardly know where to start.

With the abundance of information and unlimited accessibility to data, consumers have all they need to know at the tip of their fingers – literally. They are now more informed and discerning, which inadvertently sieves out the best, most original and genuine content that sets the brand apart.

This goes in line with the growing demand for lower-tier influencers and user-generated content that comes across less like a sales pitch but more so a genuine insider’s scoop. Being authentic and strangely not selling, is the best way to sell.

PR is now an all-inclusive Package

Hail the new era for the Jacks of all Trades. It is no longer enough to be good at one thing and one thing only. Particularly for boutique PR agencies where clients can come from a diverse range of industries, the various disciplines like advertising, marketing and public relations have become so much more closely interwoven.

Take a burger joint’s opening launch for instance. Crafting a traditional press release story for the brand requires knowledge on consumer behavioural patterns to generate the story “hook” for the right audience.

Alongside storytelling, influencer engagement has also become a hallmark marketing practice for garnering attention and traction for brands. With these practices becoming more inextricable than before, PR strategies need to evolve with the times and become more comprehensive and holistic.


At the end of the day, the core of PR is still all about telling a story and telling it well. We simply have to change the way we write and how we write it and we’re on our way to a great 2020!

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