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Face masks have become central to our daily lives. The fashion industry has swiftly responded to this ‘new normal’, adding some personality to the otherwise mundane face mask

Face masks have become a daily necessity in the face of this unprecedented pandemic. Globally, fashion labels have been quick to come up with stylish face mask designs for the fashion-conscious. From luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel to home-grown labels, the face mask trend has taken the fashion and retail industry by storm. To some, it seems like an opportunistic business venture. However, others see this as cultural expression and a mark of national solidarity.

Face Masks as Fashion’s Key to Survival

Are fashion labels simply jumping on the face mask bandwagon? While there is no easy answer, this move seems to be a necessary pivot. Besides fighting the global shortage of masks, the move towards face mask production softens the blow for the struggling fashion and retail industry. It keeps production lines going and secures jobs in related sectors.

The Benefits of Fashionable Face Masks

Olive Ankara

photograph: Olive Ankara
The result of the fashion industry’s latest endeavor is a piece of a personal statement that conveys one’s identity. In Singapore, home-grown brands have exhibited their creativity to meet the needs of the fashion-forward. Singapore-based designer Ifeoma Ubby, Olive Ankara’s founder, reworked unique African wax print textiles into face masks. These masks even come with adjustable ear hooks and pockets to insert surgical masks.


photograph: Lisa Von Tang
LISA VON TANG, a Singaporean street luxury brand, designed face masks that nod to both style and comfort. Made from 100% satin silk and Egyptian cotton, its contoured fit is every comfort lover’s dream. Elsewhere, like in Latin America, people don face masks embellished with cultural motifs, expressing their style and identity. Though seemingly frivolous, putting on a mask that showcases our unique taste may just be the very mood-booster we need.

Face Masks for Good

Minor Miracles

photograph: Minor Miracles
Some designers have even come together to use their skills for good. Global brands have chipped in to produce masks for medical workers. Even smaller, independent brands have stepped up in the fight against this public health crisis. Minor Miracles, by local designer Dawn Bey, dreamed up face masks with whimsical prints. With the profits, they assist causes like Covid Migrant Support Coalition and Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund.

Covetella x Maskella

photograph: Covetella x Maskella
Covetella, a premier dress rental destination in Singapore, teamed up with local social enterprise Maskela to launch a capsule collection. This collection comprises four sustainable face masks — each inspired by a Greek Goddess. Not only are they donating medical face masks to frontliners with every mask purchased, part of their proceeds go to supporting vulnerable communities. Bandwagon or otherwise, this latest fashion trend has made positive contributions in some ways. The fashion community has played a role in uplifting the nation’s spirit and supporting the demand for face masks, especially among the vulnerable. For the team at COCO PR, we see this as a beacon of hope. It is a reminder of the adaptability, creativity, and strength that we possess in the face of any situation. Follow Us on Our Socials! Instagram / Facebook / Youtube